I will keep it extremely simple. You have a friend, a business colleague,
a family member who wants to start his/her own business. Please, for the sake of sanity and the savings account of the person. ASK ME FIRST!

I have an extensive knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn't. It is better to pay my fee, than go broke. If you don't like what I say, fine...but at least you have got an honest opinion.

That HONEST OPINION you will not get in most places, as they don't
​care about you! They just want your money. But then - I am from Sweden
​/ Europe - and there we call things for what they are......

TEXT me on 210 - 421 - 2172  and we take it from there.
My fee is $120 per meeting. That taking 30 minutes or two hours

I can sign a Confidentially Document on your request, before we talk


Here is a comment from an organizer of art shows in Kentucky


Thank you for your insight. I believe much of what you say is correct.
We try to keep the reproductions down, but as you say that is what is selling.

Sad you will not join us this year, you will be missed. You are a strait shooter
and tell it as it is. I respect who you are as an artist and a man.
Hope you have a profitable year!

​Lou D.Nunnelley