I will keep it extremely simple. You have a friend, a business colleague,
a family member who wants to start his/her own business. Please, for the sake of sanity and the savings account of the person. ASK ME FIRST!

I have an extensive knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn't. It is better to ask me, than to go broke. If you don't like what I say, fine...but at least you have got an honest opinion. 

That HONEST OPINION you will not get in most places, as they don't
​care about you! They just want your money. But then - I am from Sweden
​/ Europe - and there we call things for what they are......

Asking family or friends is no good, as they just want to see you happy.

I have done a couple of business mistakes in my life, costing lots money.
But I have also learnt that sometimes my idea is not that bad really, if I
just change it a little. But having an idea without any experience within that field can empty your bank account in no time. Better then to get a second opinion...


Here is a comment from an organizer of art shows in Kentucky


Thank you for your insight. I believe much of what you say is correct.
We try to keep the reproductions down, but as you say that is what is selling. 
You are a strait shooter and tell it as it is. I respect who you are as an artist  

​Lou D.Nunnelley